Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tomatoes and Peppers and Zucchini, Oh My!

The new additions have arrived!

Tuesday evening my long awaited tomato, pepper, and zucchini plants arrived from the green house and were ready to be planted. Though I did debate about keeping them inside for a little while longer, since the weather is going to cool down over the next week and nights are still pretty chilly, I ultimately decided to just go ahead and plant them. I know myself better than to think anything good will come of leaving plants indoors in this house. I'm sure I would either forget to water them or they would get knocked over. So into the ground they went!

Planter Box #2 - suddenly filled up!
Planter Box #2, which had been pretty empty for a couple of weeks with just the Basil, onions, and carrot seeds to keep each other company, bore the brunt of my digging. I ended up planting 4 tomato plants (2 Super Sweet 100s, an heirloom tomato plant, and an Early Girl), 2 Zucchini, and 2 peppers (1 Green Bell and 1 Red Italian Sweet). Then I stuck my handy tomato trellises in, watered completely, and they were all set to grow!

Planter Box #1 gets a new addition too!
Somehow I ended up with an additional Golden Pepper plant and, not wanting to overcrowd the pepper plants in the other box, I popped it into Planter Box #1. You can see it there on the right side of the box between the green bean trellis and the lettuce. I have a sneaking suspicion I may have put some more lettuce or spinach seeds in that exact same spot a couple of days ago, but . . .  oops, oh well! :-)

While I was digging and planting, I noticed some other interesting things were started to sprout:

Yes, the carrots in Planter Box #2 have finally started to sprout! So we may have some yummy carrots at the end of summer after all.

The spinach marches on . . .
The spinach seeds are also coming up like crazy . . . I'm supposed to tidy them up when they get two inches high and it looks like they have less than an inch to go. Then I'll cull the plants until they are spaced out about 2 inches apart. My gut tells them to just leave them all because the more plants that grow means the more spinach we'll have to eat, right? Apparently not if I want to have actual edible and abundant spinach . . . keeping them all would just crowd everyone and make them unhappy. And unhappy plants do not grow and produce . . . so I guess that means I'm be culling those spinach plants some time next week.

Today was pretty overcast but the sun is trying to peep through . . . I hope it does because my new plants need sunshine!


- c

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