Thursday, May 24, 2012

The First Harvest and an Update

The weather has been yucky lately and, though some of my plants are having trouble adjusting to the colder temperatures, many are thriving in the rain!

Planter Box #1

Planter Box #1 seems to be doing very well . . .  even with the coating of white petals that have  basically taken over our whole backyard. The neighbor's tree (which actually leans mostly into our backyard) decided it was time to grace us with the large clusters of tiny flowers it had been growing. Now our yard looks like the victim of a May snow storm. I asked my husband, B, how we were supposed to get rid of all these tiny, white petals . . . his response? "Snow Blower?" Ummm . . . ok?

Anyway . . .  the lettuce starts are growing like, well, weeds! In fact, they've become so huge that I knew it was the right time to actually pick a few of them and have them for dinner. I know I've been saying for about a week that we were going to have actual "garden" salad for dinner, but tonight it actually happened.


I tried to leave about a half inch stalk on each one, in the hopes that there would be some regrowth, but as you can see . . . even though I only harvested three starts, there was a lot of lettuce there!

Yum! Where's the dressing?!

The perfect amount for a hardy salad to go with dinner! After a wash and a spin in the salad spinner, we ate it and it was pronounced "great!" If you're wondering if it had a different, better taste being homegrown instead of store-bought . . . well, not really. I didn't notice a difference but then again, I'm not a lettuce connoisseur so . . . it was tasty, had a good crunch, and I was proud to say I grew it myself and that's good enough for me :-)

Also happening in Planter Box #1, the Black Cherry Tomato has the first blossom of the season!

The first blossom!
And the spinach and lettuce seeds are really starting to grow . . . which means I'm going to have to do some thinning soon.

Insert spinach and lettuce here
Planter Box #2 is doing pretty well too.

You can really see the "snow" here
The zucchini plants are growing and the Roma and SuperSweet 100 tomatoes seem to be doing ok. The Basil and the Peppers are definitely struggling in the cold. In fact, I think the Basil might be a couple of more rainy days away from fading gently in the night. Be strong, little Basil . . . it's got to get warm sometime, right? The Peppers aren't on death's door quite yet, but they are certainly looking a little "wilty" though there are some buds hiding tightly coiled by the base of one of the leaves. I'm hoping they can also hold out until that warm weathers comes.

The strawberries are doing well and seem to be alright with the rain. In fact the one plant at the very top of this picture has a flower on it that I hope will one day bloom into a beautiful strawberry. Ironically enough, this plant with the flower is the very same plant that a certain little man has stepped on countless times in his haste to get to the planter boxes. Who knew that W apparently has magic growing feet? I guess that means that the blueberry twig he stepped on and broke a couple of weeks ago should start growing like crazy any minute now!

Flower Power!

Crazy Columbine
Last year's left-for-dead Columbine plants are certainly showing me that they are alive and kicking. I love the color combinations! They are growing so large that they are in danger of blocking out some of the sun from my planter boxes . . . I'm going to have a talk with them about that and hopefully they will tone it down. Or I just might pick some of these beautiful flowers and enjoy some of them indoors.

Dahlia! Dahlia! Dahlia!
The Dahlias are starting to get some giant buds on them as well . . . I'm hoping for some huge flowers from these babies later in the season. I didn't realize it when I planted them here, but this little area gets a ton of light and they are thriving (even though the sunlight has been scarce lately, they will take whatever they can get)!

Still haven't gotten around to planting my pumpkin and leeks seeds, or the potatoes, but that is still on the agenda. Maybe this long weekend, if the weather turns nice.

Keep wishing for sunshine!


- c

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