Friday, May 4, 2012

Gardening for Dummies

I'm a total gardening newbie. I've dabbled for the past two years with growing a few tomatoes and herbs, but this is the first year that I've really planned out a full scale vegetable garden and then gone ahead and actually implemented it. Thanks to my wonderful husband B, I now have two beautiful planter boxes that will hold my (*fingers crossed*) abundance of yummy veggies.

Here is the picture of my half-completed garden, Planter box #1

I've got bush bean seeds planted under the string trellis, then between that and the salad mix starts are a row each of leaf lettuce and spinach. It's my first time ever growing from seed and I know I probably should have started them indoors, but if you saw what a mad house I live in, you'd know that the seeds are much safer starting themselves outside in the ground.

Beyond the salad mix starts is one black cherry tomato plant, then 6 little bunches of Walla Walla onions. I was told by a neighbor this morning that if I want the onions to grow to their normal size, I need to separate each bunch into individuals plants and put them about 3 inches apart, so the next time a sun break coincides with my toddler, W's nap, I'll be out there separating. At the very end of the planter (on the top in this picture) are 2 of my herbs, Cilantro on the left and English Thyme on the right. And if you notice just below the Cilantro, there are two sticks. No, I am not planning on growing sticks. Those were just to remind me that I needed to leave room for my zucchini plants which haven't arrived from the greenhouse yet. Though I might have to reconfigure things now that I know that each onion has to be separated. I might move one zucchini plant to the other box and spread the onions out a little more. I plan on either letting the zucchini trail over the side of the planter or staking them up somehow. I also need a stake or one of those tomato tower thingies (that's the technical term I believe) for the tomato in this planter and the 5 more I plan to plant in the other one. Yes, we love tomatoes! Especially W who eats grape and cherry tomatoes like candy.

It's a pretty wet day here in Western Washington, so I'm glad I got my garden started before the rain and wind came . . . otherwise I might have been tempted to just wait until the next sunny day (which in Seattle, might NEVER come!).


- c

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