Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Bountiful Harvest, or Why We're Having Salad for Dinner Every Night This Week + an Update

Salad, salad, everywhere . . . as far as the eye can see.

Is there such a thing as too much lettuce?
I've picked 4 of the 6 lettuce starts and we've had salad with dinner for the past 6 nights . . . and there is still lettuce that needs to be picked! Plus, the lettuce starts that I did already pick are starting to regrow at a very rapid pace. So it looks like salad will be on the menu for a while longer. Good thing we all love salad . . . and that we have enough ranch dressing in the pantry!

The rest of the garden is growing, along with the lettuce:

Planter Box #1
Everything is growing! The herbs are going crazy and I think we are going to have to make something with the cilantro (in the bottom, right corner) . . . maybe my wonderful husband's famous guacamole?

What's that I see? A sprout!?
The green beans have sprouted! The green beans have sprouted! Well, only 2 of the green beans have sprouted but I have high hopes for the rest of them.

Planter Box #2 is also doing pretty well.

Planter Box #2
The zucchinis have really grown quite a bit and even though the peppers are doing OK - though I can tell that they are suffering in the cold. Some of the leaves are a bit brown and they all seem rather wilted. But good news was hiding under one of the leaves:

You can't stay hidden for long!
A small flower on the Italian Sweet Pepper plant! Maybe they are going to make it!

Speaking of making it . . . the strawberries don't mind the cold. All of them have flowers, but this one has 2!

2 for the money!
In other news . . . I finally planted the pumpkin/potato/leek patch!

No there aren't any bodies buried here!

The potatoes are planted in the 2 grave-like locations at the bottom of the picture, the pumpkin seeds are in the small piles in the middle, and a little beyond the pumpkin piles, are a row of leek seeds. It looks pretty crappy now, but hopefully soon it will be lush and green and filled with mini-pumpkins!

Keeping my fingers crossed!


- c

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  1. Looking good! I'm so impressed at your bounty! I have six lettuce plants and we have yet to make a salad. I need to make one tomorrow night! :)