Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Dahlia Dilemma and Some Sprouts!

Where will we go?
This flat of poor Dahlias and Snapdragons have been patiently waiting for me to find a spot for them to live (at least for the season). Since they've been sitting there for about 2 weeks, I finally decided now was as good a time as any to get them in the ground.

I decided they would go in the bed on the side of our yard. But first, some maintenance was needed:

Side bed - before
There was plenty of weeds that needed to be removed, as well as some ivy that was making its way over from the neighbor's yard. You never know what you're going to find when you dig in the dirt:

Missing something?
I was a little leery pulling that thing up. I could only see the tip of the handle peeking out and I had no idea how big it was or even what it was. Turned out to be an innocent (though well-rusted) pair of pliers, but it could have been anything - including a cast iron pan, which we have found in the garden before! I wonder what the people who lived here before were thinking? Did they just bury unnecessary objects in the ground? I'm a little nervous about what else I might find!

After about an hour of work (and disturbing several earthworms and other various garden residents), the side bed was ready for planting:

Side bed - after
I planted the 6 Dahlias on the left side of the rocks and 3 of the Snapdragons to the right. The other 3 Snapdragons have found a new home at the front of the house, near the front door (I'll try to get a picture of the front yard plants later this week). I'm hoping they grow and bloom into some beautiful summer flowers!

In other garden related news - some seeds have sprouted in Planter Box #1!

Someday we will be spinach!
In a perfect little row, right where I planted the spinach seeds, some sprouts have appeared! Yay! I'm pretty excited and finally have some proof that those itsy-bitsy seeds are actually doing their thing underground. I'm hoping for lots of big salads later in the summer!

I continue to be grateful for the milder and warmer weather and hope that the sun keeps shining down on my (soon-to-be) beautiful garden!


- c

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